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Twilight Musk Perfume Concentrate Spray ... 15ml

Twilight Musk Perfume Concentrate Spray ... 15ml

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Twilight Musk … Many of our Customers asked for a deeper Musk than Alibi, here we have a heavier night Musk.  A strong Musk with slight floral overtones.  Designed to be a very different Musk, it will attract attention wherever you go.

Perfume Concentrate … a French Concentrate is 30% Fragrance, an Eau de Toilette between 8-12%.  Ours are 70% Fragrance and 30% Perfumers Alcohol, except Gardenia which is a 50/50 ratio, at 70/30 it would be too strong.  This strength ensures the Perfume lasts all day, rather than disappearing before you leave your home.  It’s called having ‘long legs’.  The bottles are made in Milan, the quality is impeccable, and each Perfume is hand tested by me before leaving us.  Strong enough to take you through your long day, with a little scent to spare.  Try blending two of our Perfumes to achieve a third that is unique to you.  Have fun.

Available in two sizes ... 50ml and 15ml

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
major brownie points winner

A wonderful scent, and long lasting. My lady gets complements everywhere she goes wearing this perfume.
Don't understand Paddy's response - loves the fragrance but only 1 star ?!?!
Definite 5 star winner

Paddy Schaab
Twilight musk

Just love this fragrance,it stays on my skin,which many don't.

Beautiful perfume

I was so happy I bought this perfume,not knowing what is smelt like and I just love it. Perfume and skin perfection as usual. Thanks John and Sheila.