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Men in Fast Cars Cologne ... 100ml

Men in Fast Cars Cologne ... 100ml

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Men in Fast Cars … Leathery and Metallic, with sharp and intense notes of Lemon and Violet, this heady fragrance is finished off with a hint of Amber.  Notes of deep dark woods.  Everyone, start your engines.

Cologne … Our Fragrances are bought by everyone, worn by everyone, perfect gender equality.  Our Fragrances are unique, you will attract attention wherever you go, people will notice an aroma they’ve never experienced before, they’ll stop you and ask.  Don’t apply the Cologne directly to your face, the Alcohol will dry your skin out leaving it dehydrated and damaged.  Apply Cologne to your clothes, or your pulse points, inside of the wrists and where the neck and shoulders meet, or spray in the air and walk though the mist.  Strong enough to take you through your long day, with a little scent to spare.


For the ultimate Blade Shave …

The Prep … Wet face with warm water.  Rinse your Shaving Brush under the tap using warm water to wet bristles.  Shake brush hard once to remove excess water.  Swirl brush into Shaving Soap to attract lather.  Apply brush to face, starting at the chin, then paint the face in all areas to be shaved.  Wash brush again under warm water to remove all traces of soap, shake brush vigorously to remove all water.  Hang brush to dry.

The Shave … Using cold water, start at the sides of your face and finish at the chin.  The chin whiskers are the toughest, so the longer the soap is on the chin the softer they’ll be and be easier for a close shave.  Rinse the face with warm water to remove any soap residue then rinse with cold water to close the pores.  Dry the face.  Apply the Aftershave Balm not only to the area shaved but the forehead, the neck as well as all facial areas exposed to the elements.  Enjoy your day.

Note … Don’t stand the brush on it’s base as moisture will run down the bristles and into the base, the wooden core will swell and the bristles will gradually fall out.  Use a proper Brush Stand.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Akshay Kulkarni
men in fast cars

Love this cologne, my partner loves it on me, best compliment I can give is I’m ordering it again.
Oz. one that came as sample was also good.


Not as strong as expected

Piyush Pandit
Not strong as expected

I am using Men in suits for sometime and expect same logetivity but it’s not and fragrance is also not that good

Men in fast cars cologne.

This cologne, together all stock that I have used over the years have been just what I wanted. You have excellent products coupled with very professional business ethics. The company is a pleasure to deal with.

Awesome cologne

My partner loves it. Only thing you need to be careful of is its strong, a single spray is all you need and it lasts. Great product.