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Ginger Milk spray perfume concentrate
Ginger Milk spray perfume concentrate
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Ginger Milk spray perfume concentrate

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Ginger Milk … Our Perfumer, Sheila, would visit her grandmother on occasions, she would become quite homesick.  Her Grandmother would make a drink for her of warm Milk, into that she’d grate fresh Ginger along with Cinnamon, Nutmeg and a few Cloves.  This Fragrance is a Tribute to her grandmother.  Featuring base notes of Ginger finished off with Heart notes of Milk and a variety of exotic Spices is the perfect Fragrance for Autumn and Winter.  Soft and spicy.

Perfume Concentrate … a French Concentrate is 30% Fragrance, an Eau de Toilette between 8-12%.  Ours are 70% Fragrance and 30% Perfumers Alcohol, except Gardenia which is a 50/50 ratio, at 70/30 it would be too strong.  This strength ensures the Perfume lasts all day, rather than disappearing before you leave your home.  It’s called having ‘long legs’.  The bottles are made in Milan, the quality is impeccable, and each Perfume is hand tested by me before leaving us.  Strong enough to take you through your long day, with a little scent to spare.  Try blending two of our Perfumes to achieve a third that is unique to you.  Have fun.

Available in two sizes ... 50ml and 15ml

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Naomi Sebbag
Not for me

I absolutely love fig and olive so I thought I’d try a couple of other scents. Unfortunately the ginger milk actually made me gag. At first you can smell the ginger which only lasts a couple of seconds and then it turns into something very undesirable. I also bought the vanilla cream and although it didnt have the same effect as the ginger milk, it has scared me from blind buying again. I’m glad I only purchased the 15ml

Spicy but so gentle

This is the perfect perfume for Winter ( or any season really). There’s a touch of spice which mellows down to warmth and a gentle hug. It’s different, I love it.

Lovely fragrance

I haven't tried this perfume before and I think it has a wonderful smell, the perfume lasts all day which is what you need with a perfume.

Amanda Potter
Absolutely Beautiful

Just knew this would be as beautiful as all the other perfumes!

Michelle Buckland
Gorgeous, spicy & delicious

This is a beautiful scent for those who love warm, spicy fragrances. Ginger, cloves, cinnamon, vanilla and more in a creamy, subtle blend. Long lasting and a gorgeous Autumn/Winter companion to my Summer & Spring ‘Fig & Olive’ fragrance.